What are Sensedible Delights?

Sensedible Delights are foods healthy for the mind and soul.  Now, with that being said there are certainly recipes that will be healthier for you than others.  But, my main goal is to provide you with as many nutrient dense recipes as possible.  Many of my muffin, cupcake, loaf breads, and scones are actually really healthy and lower in simple, refined sugars.  When people try my products, they never say “Wow! These are really good for being healthy.”  My baked items are just great!


2 thoughts on “What are Sensedible Delights?

  1. Hi Sensedibledelights
    We follow each other on Instagram and it looks like we have started our blogs at around the same time too! I hope you don’t mind, but I was recently nominated for a Liebster Award for my new blog and as part of the tradition of passing the award on to promote other bloggers who have sites that you like and enjoy or who are new to the blogosphere, I have now nominated Sensedibledelights. You can see my acceptance post (which includes a link to your site in the nominations section) at http://bakemecrazy66.com – this includes some info about the award itself and what to do, should you wish to accept your nomination from me. I’ll leave it with you to decide if you’d like to take your nomination any further or not, but as a fellow baker, who is also very, very new to blogging, I chose you, because you have a great IG account with some lovely bakes and although you are still building your blog, I like the idea of healthy treats. The recipes already on the site look great.
    Kind regards


    1. Thank you so much Emma!! This made my day today 🙂 I have also noticed your blog and am still trying to get the hang of blogging. I will happily accept the nomination! I will go to your blog now and see what to do. Thank you so much, it really means a lot. I love your Instagram account as well and enjoying seeing the beautiful and lovely treats you produce!
      -Sarah 🙂

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