Sensedible Delights

I have always had a passion for baking and cooking.  Since I was a little girl, I remember standing on my step-stool in my grandmothers kitchen so I could help flute the crust of her famous apple pie.  My little baby hands worked tentatively and slowly to create a very “rustic” looking pie.  Eventually, as I got wiser (and taller), the step-stool vanished and I became a baker.  I became a good baker.  I became the girl that always brought the dessert to the family gathering; the girl who could give advice on how to make the perfect roasted potatoes; the girl who used her baking prowess to make scrumptious baked goods in return for math tutoring from a family friend.  I became a real baker.  I try to think back and remember when my love and passion for baking and cooking started.  And to be honest, too many memories morph into each other that I cannot pin point the exact moment when it all began.  But I know one thing for certain, I have loved every second of it.

This blog will be filled with recipes for any occasion.  Hosting a Mother’s Day Brunch and in need for some desperate ideas?  No fear!  My scone recipes are the absolute bomb!  Fourth of July? I have a smore’s cheesecake that will knock your block off!  What makes my recipes so special?  They are sensedible delights.  They are sensible, edible, delicious eats that will keep you coming back for seconds.  I will always have substitutions for certain ingredients because I know many people in the world today have different dietary restrictions.  I will let people know when and if they can substitute for a lower calorie alternative.  And I will let people know if a substitution can be made and if it affects the overall taste and quality of the end result.  I will be 100% honest with you; you have my word.

I cannot wait for us to share these sensedible delights! Go forth and conquer your kitchen! (Your friends and family will thank you for it.)


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